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31/08/2014 / featheredfiends

Are my budgies ever quiet? (A budgie Bedtime Special)

I am often asked how I cope with the noise of nine budgies. Like any parent knows, I live for this moment, when my little ones are in bed and I can relax..

Then the madness starts again in the morning.

22/08/2014 / featheredfiends

Blithe testing out the new playground

We have bought another Trixie Wooden Bird playground… it’s number 3 actually!

Blithe decided to test it out… could have been the millet that helped with this decision..

13/07/2014 / featheredfiends

The Birds!

Straight out of the Hitchcock film..

Be very afraid!


28/06/2014 / featheredfiends

New boy Blithe

New boy Blithe

Blithe came to stay with us on the 25th of May.. he’s only 6 months old (7 now) and full of energy!

Welcome little buddy :)

28/06/2014 / featheredfiends

Budgie bathtime

The boys all decided that they needed a bath..

If you look closely you can see new boy Blithe joining in..

He’s the white one.. :)

Blithe has been with us for around 4 weeks..

04/05/2014 / featheredfiends

Grass Indulgence

Today the budgies have been partaking in a little grass that I grew for them.

Well… some of them have stared at it for a bit anyway.. they’re brave little soldiers..



Custard: I shall laugh at it and show it who is boss.





Roswell: I can see it pretty clearly from up here.






JoJo: In stealth mode, I can sneak up on it.


30/04/2014 / featheredfiends

Budgie-ing around

Some photos of the gang:


NEWSFLASH: JoJo Lets Billybob sit next to her for precisely 2 minutes.. But stands between him and his pot.




Double-Decker Bus






Watch out below!













I never touched the Basil





JoJo in stealth Mode



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