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23/07/2016 / featheredfiends

Custard health update

Amazingly enough, Custards lump(xanthoma) has shrunk.

These photos were taken on the 9th and the 20th of July. In the 20th of July photo, the budgie on the left is George, Custard is on the right.

You can see that there is a big difference. I am not sure why it’s happened.

Custard has been eating a lot of sweetcorn and we also started the budgies on a new seed mix – Haiths Budgie Bravo a week and a half ago. It does have less oats and more canary seeds in it so perhaps it’s healthier.

Anyway, great news!

22/07/2016 / featheredfiends

Some photos of the budgies from two days ago

The budgies have been enjoying the sunny weather, even though at times it’s been 29 Celsius in my front room, despite having windows open (I have window screens)

I have offered them baths several times but the most they have managed is to drink from their favourite bath. I am not sure I have ever seen Sky have a bath!

Anyway here are photos of them:

05/07/2016 / featheredfiends

Lots of old favourite videos of birds past..

These are some of my favourite videos of budgies past.
Miss you all my little friends. Hector is still with us, but all of the other birds in these videos are in budgie heaven, eating lots of millet.

Dumpling (Lilek) doing some crazy moves:

Dumpling (Lilek) throwing some balls

Monty hopping around

Snowing singing

Hector and Abbie on a mission of mischief

Hector and Abbie snoozing

Blueboy singing

Monty going nuts

Roswells Dance

Mnty throws a ball

Blueboy and Hector

Dumpling (Lilek) letting me preen his head

Snowy preening Monty

Roswell, Snowy, Jerry and Monty bathing

My Original budgies from 2009, Monty and Eric

05/07/2016 / featheredfiends

JoJo videos (JoJo being her normal grumpy hen self)

JoJo has very strong opinions on most things.

But sometimes even the mighty hen likes a song or two


05/07/2016 / featheredfiends

Basil Video (Basil and Blithe/Basil on a swing)

Some videos showing Basil and Blithe sitting together and also Basil on a swing.

Basil is the Grey, Greywing bird and Blithe is a double factor spangle (mostly white)

05/07/2016 / featheredfiends

Blithe Videos (Little tyke/Tightrope walking)

A few videos of Blithe being his usual silly self.

Blithe tightrope walking

Blithe the little tyke

05/07/2016 / featheredfiends

Hector Videos (tap tap tap game/Angry wing flap)

Hector and I played the “Tap tap tap” game the other day.. there are no rules for the game, just to have fun.

Sometimes Blithe annoys Hector. To get us to come over and rescue him, Hector flaps his wings.

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