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12/03/2015 / featheredfiends

All budgies Past and Present.. together!

My lovely friend Sam drew a picture of my birds past and present.. all sitting together on a tree.

Isn’t it wonderful? :)

I am going to get a frame and put it on the wall in my living room.

21/02/2015 / featheredfiends

JoJo’s new cage layout

As JoJo cannot fly, she is in her cage a lot of the time. So we decided to adapt her cage a little more with some strategically placed rope perches.

These perches have enabled her to use more of her cage and climb about a bit.

We have already noticed that she seems happier with this. I even saw her attempt two small “budgie head-bobs” in front of her pink mirror while singing in her strange squeaky squawky way.

Every evening JoJo gets to come and sit on my shoulder for half an hour or so, sometimes with a millet enticement, sometimes not. This gives her a break from her cage.

The other budgies see her new cage layout as a bit of a novelty and also like to run up and down the rope perches.

16/02/2015 / featheredfiends

Budgie Photo Update

I noticed that I had not updated in a while so I took lots of photos of the gang.
Here is one of each.

As you can see, Blithe is making friends :)

05/11/2014 / featheredfiends

Soggy Roswell

Bath time is it Roswell?

Soggy Roswell 23-10-14

05/11/2014 / featheredfiends

Blithe is making friends with Custard

When Blithe first came to us back in May 2014, he was only 6 months old and very sprightly and enthusiastic.

A little too enthusiastic for some of the older budgies, especially poor Billybob, who he chased around in circles trying to make friends with.

But now little Blithe is growing up, he’s realised that patience does pay off and that to make a friend you do not need to jump on one.

Here are the happy fellows.

Blithe and Custard Blithe and Custard3 Blithe and Custard2

28/09/2014 / featheredfiends

A Few more pics..

Here are a couple of pictures from today of JoJo and Basil.

JoJo has some Basil (the herb) around her face as she preens it into her feathers. I think she is trying to convince me that she’s the Hulk.

Basil (the budgie) is just looking as cute as ever.

Blithe and Sky wanted to sneak in too… Blithe on the swing and Sky on the soapdish.jojo28-9-14 Basil28-9-14 BlitheSky28-9-14

28/09/2014 / featheredfiends

A Handsome Roswell

Roswell loves the camera, he always seems to pose for me.

He knows he’s a pretty boy. Must be his show bird breeding :)Roswell28-9-14 RoswellA28-9-14 RoswellB28-9-14


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