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13/08/2015 / featheredfiends

Adventures of a BillyBob

BillyBob quite often overflies us so that we will offer him a stick and place him back in his cage.

He had managed to convince us that he was unable to get into a cage on his own. His feet are not very good at gripping.

Lo and behold, when we had got back from shopping today, look what I found!

He was in one of the most difficult cages for him to get into.

Cheeky Billybob :D

He’s the all-over yellow budgie by the way. On the right in two of the photos.

24/07/2015 / featheredfiends

Budgies in Flight

I took a few snaps of the budgies in flight and even though some are a bit blurry, thought I would share them.

17/07/2015 / featheredfiends

JoJo V Mr Wildgoose (The Vet)


JoJo, my 8 year old Hen has been with us for just over a year and a half.

JoJo Cage

As you may know, we weigh our budgies weekly. Big weight changes are often sings of ill health. We recently noticed that JoJo had lost some weight.

JoJo sometimes decides to go on a hunger strike if she is upset or doesn’t like something that has been changed. But I had not changed anything this time.

So, off to the vet yesterday, it was.

It was about an hour each way for JoJo, but she seems to be okay with the journey.

Mr Wildgoose the vet, examined JoJo, he found that her crop was full of seed, her nails were slightly long, she was moulting, her vent and preening gland were fine.

At 41g he did not think that she was underweight but we’re to bring her back if she loses more weight and gets to 35g. He clipped her toenails, I am glad of that because we attempted it and she would not keep her little feet still. She has tiny little stumpy legs and I did not want to hurt her.

Although he could find nothing immediately wrong with JoJo, we were given some baytril as a precaution. Twice a day for one week. Little madam will not like that!

JoJo is home!




I’m not talking to you!


You’re still not forgiven!


09/07/2015 / featheredfiends

My Angelic little Rascal..

When Blithe came to us in May 2014 he had a small patch of blue on his feathers.

now, over a year later he has an almost entirely blue belly.

Maybe he’s trying to imitate his best friend Sky?

25/06/2015 / featheredfiends

Photos of the budgies this morning

George and Custard "Why are you always taking photographs of me"

Hector chasing me around in the morning until I pay him some attention.

We have had many discussions about BillyBob’s genetic mutation this week on Facebook and the Budgerigars Forum (

It has been decided that he is "Opaline, Dominant pied, Dilute, Grey Green"

Sky looking his usual cool self.

My Roswell looking as pretty and photogenic as ever.

Blithe (white bird) playing with Billybob (Top) and George.

JoJo having a rest. She was only pretending to be asleep.

Basil (right) feeding his best friend Roswell.

19/06/2015 / featheredfiends

Getting Rid of Seed husks for your birds

I tried all sorts of ways to get rid of the seed husks from the top of my birds pots so that they could get to the unhusked seed below.

I tried a little vacuum, which was only mildly successful.

The method I settled on was this one.

I take the bowl of seed..

Then tilt it to the left and tap the right side. This make all of the husks come to the top and fall to one side.

Then I can just move the husks off into the bin.

The finished bowl should look like this:

I hope this is helpful.

19/06/2015 / featheredfiends

JoJo and her expensive tastes

Sometimes my little JoJo sits on the floor with me. I try to get her attention with a few toys.

Unfortunately she doesn’t really play so she goes straight for the Red Millet.

If I gave her the choice between a large spray of white/yellow millet and a tiny sprig of Red.

She always goes for the Red.

Quality not quantity..


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