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26/02/2017 / featheredfiends

The continuing adventures of a Billybob..

Billybob had spent a few nights in a big cage all alone, as his friend JoJo died a few days ago. He decided at Budgie Bedtime last night to shoot out of the cage like a Bat out of hell. He would not go back in despite our attempts he just kept flying around the room and landing on Basil and Blithes cage.

So we took the bold step of putting him in.

He’s never been covered up at night while he’s been here because we tried it a few times, it was not successful. JoJo and Billybob fell off their perches and flapped all over the place.

But last night, in with the boys, he seemed to cope well. By the way, he’s 9 years and 9 months old, so not a young boy.

Today he seems more adventurous than usual, he’s been to the seed dishes, the wing, the top of the plastic playground, the glass seed pots and even to the other glass dish to eat sweetcorn which is unusual for him.

Here he is, he’s the yellow bird eating sweetcorn.

23/02/2017 / featheredfiends

Fly high JoJo

My lovely Albino Hen JoJo died today. She was 9 and a half years old and we rehomed her just over 3 years ago.

Rest in peace JoJo, we’ll miss you.

17/02/2017 / featheredfiends

Some photographs of my budgie gang from today

Here are the budgies from about an hour ago.
It’s a sunny but cold day here in London.

I like the post Blithe made when hanging on to the side of the cage!

17/02/2017 / featheredfiends

Invisible Budgie

Can you spot Blithe in this photo?

He’s very good at camouflage.

03/01/2017 / featheredfiends

Hector has a birthday!

On new years day Hector was 8 years old, he has been with us for 6 years and was 2 when he arrived. We don’t know his actual hatch day, so the 1st of January is his official Birthday!

We gave the budgies some boiled, grated egg with grated carrot and later on they had red millet.

26/12/2016 / featheredfiends

Xmas dinner for the budgies

Yesterday the budgies enjoyed their Christmas dinner. It consisted of Sugar Snap Peas, Mange Tout, Grated Carrot and some Sweetcorn.

Merry Christmas everyone!

16/12/2016 / featheredfiends

JoJo, Darts Legend

For some reason, JoJo has been constantly jumping out of her cage and waddling over to me lately.

JoJo cannot fly and has not been able to since she came to us. We have had her 3 years and she’s about 9 years and 4 months old.

Today, my husband and I were playing darts in the passage way and who should waddle in and step up to the Oche? (

I reckon she wanted to give Phil Taylor a run for his money!

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