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05/10/2015 / featheredfiends

All of the other fiends on Sky’s birthday

I took photos of all of the other fiends this morning.

We’ll all be celebrating Sky’s birthday together with some herbs and perhaps some egg.

05/10/2015 / featheredfiends

Happy Birthday to Sky, Nine years old today!

Happy Birthday to Sky, he came to live with us on 5th October 2010 at the age of 4 years.
So he’s been with us for 5 years now.

He doesn’t look a day older than 3 :)

11/09/2015 / featheredfiends

Billybob, Hector and Blithe posing.. Pretty boys..

I managed to capture this lovely shot of Billybob(yellow),
Hector(blue) and Blithe (white with a blue belly..)

Pretty boys indeed.

03/09/2015 / featheredfiends

Roswell, Basil and the Rainbow

A couple of days ago, we had a whole day of rain in London.

But because it was also sunny, we also got a big beautiful rainbow.

I like to think that Basil and Roswell also admired the rainbow.

03/09/2015 / featheredfiends


Blithe and Sky like to zoom around the room and then land on the window screen and watch us to see how we react..

03/09/2015 / featheredfiends

I had a wash mum

Earlier I noticed that JoJo was all wet. The little minx must have had a bath in her water bowl.

It’s not the warmest of days today, so as soon as I noticed, I made sure that all of the windows were closed so that she didn’t catch a chill.

She had such an accomplished look on her face that I had to take a photo!

13/08/2015 / featheredfiends

Adventures of a BillyBob

BillyBob quite often overflies us so that we will offer him a stick and place him back in his cage.

He had managed to convince us that he was unable to get into a cage on his own. His feet are not very good at gripping.

Lo and behold, when we had got back from shopping today, look what I found!

He was in one of the most difficult cages for him to get into.

Cheeky Billybob :D

He’s the all-over yellow budgie by the way. On the right in two of the photos.


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