Penny and Lyra’s playtime

Penny and Lyra are flightless. Penny was bred for too many years (not by me) and Lyra has French Moult which means that her feathers do not grow properly and they fall out.

I was on the look out for a paddling pool (no water of course!) for them to play in but could only find the blow up kind. Anyone that has hens, knows they are nibblers, so this was not ideal.

A lovely lady on my budgie forum mentioned that she had a paddling pool for her dogs that might work. So I ordered one and it’s a great design with high walls that you just fold out.

Penny and Lyra have had 5-6 hour long sessions in their play area (I can only put it out when my 3 year old is in bed).

Max and Chipper sometimes go in to join them too.

Lyra is a little unsure, but I am confident that she will get used to it in time, she does need a little freedom from her cage.

Chipper has been going through changes..

Chipper has grown up a lot in the short time that he has been with us. He’s a very feisty little fellow and tries to make friends with everyone. He occasionally lands on the T-perch on my table.

When I am putting the seed in their glass bowls ready for tomorrow morning, he lands on one and has a taste test.

Some photos to show how much he has changed.

Chipper on 9th January 2022 at 6 weeks old

Chipper on 2nd April 2022 at just over 15 weeks old

No April Fools here!

No silly April fools jokes, just lovely photos of the budgies.

Chipper is all grown up now, he’s lost all his baby head bars. Also his Iris rings are no longer black, they are still very dark, but if you are up close to him you can see them.

George, Iris, Chipper and Peter

Iris looking suspicious

Iris and Chipper in background. Bertie close to camera

George almost asleep

George preening in background. Peter on platform. You can see part of Iris.

Chipper close to camera.

Colin preening Daisy

George, Chipper and Max (or Max’s bottom) eating seed.

Max looking handsome

Chipper counting blocks

Iris threatening to throw a mirror off to show how naughty she is.

Bertie and Max playing

Chipper all grown up (almost, he’s still not an adult)

Peter and Bertie (Iris in background)

Colin on swing. Max trying to get his attention.

Peter and Iris

70,000+ views on a 51 second budgie video?

There is a video that I put on Youtube on 19th Apr 2012, that has now had more than 70 thousand views. More than 30 thousand of those views were in the last 28 days. It’s 51 seconds long and it’s my dearly departed Hector squawking at me. He had a girlfriend at the time called Abbie and she used to hide from him behind the curtain, this meant he would squawk at me until I found her for him. So that is what happens in the video.

She passed away less than a year after the video was made and shortly after that Hector became tame and would mostly spend time with me. He spent so much time with me that I would have to eat my meals with either a spoon or my fingers as I could never use a knife to cut my food with him balanced on my left hand.

Hector passed away in 2019 at almost 11 years old. I miss you little buddy and always will. Thank you for being my friend for so many years and trusting me for so long.

Millet day

The budgies are having some millet to cheer them up on a gloomy day. Also in a bid to stop the girls chewing the curtains. Obviously the latter did not work.

George looking out of the window and eating breakfast (Bertie on the right)
Max playing with the number 6 block on the sofa
Iris and Chipper
Lyra and Penny eyeing me suspiciously
Lyra move away from me, indicating she doesn’t want me to come any closer with the camera, so after this photo I back away.