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31/03/2016 / featheredfiends

Hector having a rest on a box

Hector sometimes like to rest in strange places..

For some reason he’s looking at me like I am the weird one for taking a photo of him..:)

18/03/2016 / featheredfiends

Mirror, Mirror on the wall..

Who is the prettiest hen of all?

12/03/2016 / featheredfiends

A rare moment of co-operation

A couple of days ago when I was cleaning out budgie cages in the evening, doing my usual budgie bedtime routine, I had to quickly grab my camera.

Sky, Hector, Custard and George were sitting and eating side by side!

Anyone that has budgies will know how remarkable this is, as birds to tend to squabble over seed troughs. Mine are no exception. The only current two budgies that eat side by side are Basil and Roswell. Basil and Roswell are in a different bedtime cage.

I call it a bedtime cage as bedtime is the only time that they are locked in their cages. The rest of the day, they are free to fly around the front room, apart from JoJo who cannot fly at all, so she has floor time running around and also time on my shoulder.

The seed trough co-operation only lasted a very short space of time before they all started jostling for space and bickering. But it was just enough time for me to fire up my camera and take this nice photo.


four budgies eating 9=3=16a

05/03/2016 / featheredfiends

Budgies on the floor

Hector and Roswell are having trouble flying at the moment and sometimes drift to the floor. So when we go out I set up a playground on the floor. I place some containers of seed and water in them.

When we came home yesterday this is what I found: Basil (Roswell’s best friend and protector) and Roswell on the playground, and Hector running towards me on the floor.

I placed Roswell on the swing, Basil followed. Then I picked Hector up and played with him for a little while. His favourite game is to sing to and bite my thumb.

23/01/2016 / featheredfiends

The budgie gang from yesterday and this morning

Here are some photos of the fiends from yesterday and this morning.

Look at little Blithe’s blue belly (he’s the almost entirely white boy) anyone would think that butter wouldn’t melt in his beak.

09/01/2016 / featheredfiends

Budgie fun from the last week

Here are the gang having some fun and frolics..

Some more preening from Sky to Blithe. Blithe’s plumage looks really excellent at the moment!

03/01/2016 / featheredfiends

An outbreak.. of Preening!

In the last week, George has started preening Sky. Sky has never preened another budgie or been preened by one.

Yesterday, we noticed that Sky was preening Blithe, as though he had decided to pass the knowledge on that preening is great.

I managed to get a photo of Sky preening Blithe, it’s not a great photo as I had to be quick!

The other budgies seemed to be just as astounded as we were.


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