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26/05/2017 / featheredfiends

Has anyone had a bath?

I walked into the living room having had my shower, only to notice these two little wet budgies looking rather pleased with themselves.

Polly and Pete had a dunk in their water trough.

They’re now busy preening and drying themselves off.

23/05/2017 / featheredfiends

A Soggy Polly

Polly has taken to having a bath in her water trough.

She had another one this morning and I managed to get a photo.

17/05/2017 / featheredfiends

Blithe introduces himself to Pete and Polly

Hi guys I am Blithe, I used to be the naughty boy of the gang, but these days I am a lot better and I have friends.

Welcome to our home.

16/05/2017 / featheredfiends

Meet Pete and Polly

Say hello to Pete and Polly. We took them in 4 weeks ago as their owners needed to find them a new home. Pete was found outside 4 years ago and Polly was acquired to be his friend. Polly is 3, but we do not know Petes age, so we’re estimating him at 4 years old.

When budgies have reached adulthood (approximately 12 months old), there is no real way of telling how old they are. So Pete could be 4 years old, or even 10, we don’t know!

Interestingly Custard has a similar story and also looks similar to Pete, so we’re wondering if they could have been nest-mates.

If there are any typos in this post, it’s because Hector is on my left hand and doesn’t like my attention being taken away from him.

11/05/2017 / featheredfiends

Billybob is 10 years old

It was Billybob’s birthday yesterday, he was 10 years old!

He had a nice piece of carrot to eat and some millet.

29/04/2017 / featheredfiends

Lucy the destroyer!

We recently ordered a lot of shreddable items, as Lucy needs new things to bite. Among those things were coloured balsa wood blocks, which we put on a kabob.

Lucy has been destroying the blocks and hopping around the cage with them, then dropping them to the floor.

Shame they don’t last long!

02/04/2017 / featheredfiends

Handsome Hector

I had to take 10 photos of Hector on my hand to be able to get this shot. The rest were very blurry as he did not want to keep still.

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