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08/09/2020 / featheredfiends

Say cluck cluck and lay an egg

A couple of days ago one of my budgies laid an egg. I have three hens, but I suspect it was Iris.

Co-incidently, I have been reading a book to my little girl called “A busy day for birds” by Lucy Cousins. Eve likes me to read this book at least 5 times a day.

There is a page that says “Say Cluck Cluck and lay an egg”.

I think Iris has been taking this literally.

06/09/2020 / featheredfiends

Hen Trouble!

Two of my hens (Lucy and Iris) are constantly trying to find nesting places in the curtains.

The other day I walked into the room, holding Eve(my daughter), to find that Lucy had herself tangled up in the bottom of the curtain and was flapping away.

I quickly put Eve down and held Lucy with one hand, making sure to hold her wings in (getting bitten really hard many times)and tried to free her with the other. She had cotton tangled around her leg and foot and was flapping to try and get away. I called to my husband for what felt like ages for help as he was in the other room and the doors were closed.

Eventually, he appeared and I asked for some scissors and for him to hold her while I snipped the cotton. I made one snip and it freed her so she flew off.

Thankfully there was no damage to her, I’ve no idea how long she was there.

So now, this is what the curtains look like to try and prevent it happening again!

18/08/2020 / featheredfiends

The amazing antics of Daisy

When I get the camera out to take photos of the budgies, Daisy will do anything to get away from me.

She likes to fly away as fast as she can and keep her beady eye on me!

Oh well, at least she is having fun and being active.

22/07/2020 / featheredfiends

Budgies are glad to be home

We all moved back in to our flat on 9th July. I think the budgies are glad to be home too.

When we were on the 4th floor they could constantly see seagulls circling and it made them quite unsettled.

Here is a photo taken yesterday of the budgies enjoying some basil

16/07/2020 / featheredfiends

Lemon’s Poem

Lemon’s ashes arrived home yesterday.

Sunnyfields pet crematorium included a poem with the ashes. It had me in floods of tears.

We miss you little guy.

’til we meet again.

14/06/2020 / featheredfiends

Fly High Lemon

Lemon was brought to us in June 2018 by a lady that found him outside. She kindly took him to the vet and it was found that he had a bad case of scaly face. Luckily, with treatment, he made a full recovery.

He quickly made budgie friends, due to his laid back nature.

Yesterday morning when I uncovered the budgies it seemed that Lemon had vomited some seed.
I spent all day trying to get him to eat and drink, I even syringed him some baby food but it did not help.

Unfortunately, in the evening he passed away.

Fly high Lemon, you will be missed by us all, especially your friend Colin (see photo of Colin and Lemon)

05/04/2020 / featheredfiends

My Friend Blithe

In the evening when I put the budgies to bed and I am cleaning cages and changing food, Blithe likes to run around and chirp to me to get my attention. The reason that he does this is he is trying to hurry me up as he wants to go to bed.

If I hold my hand out, he’ll leap on and then sing (maybe a song hurries me up?)

Anyway, all the other budgies stare at him as they do not like to come too close to humans, so I guess they think Blithe is weird.

He is a little weird, but he’s my friend – Blithe.

30/03/2020 / featheredfiends

We shall not we shall not be moved..

We are just about coping without going stir crazy due to current circumstances.
Because I am in the "vulnerable" category (chronic lung condition and immunosuppressants) I am not allowed to leave the house for at least 12 weeks.

When I get to cleaning the plastic budgie playground in the evening, this photo is often what I am confronted with.

But we like it on here – can’t we stay out?

13/03/2020 / featheredfiends

A stressful move of house

On the 28th February we had to leave our flat with an hours notice. Our floors were damaged and on inspection they discovered that there were burst pipes under the floorboards.

They managed to find us somewhere to live immediately but it has been a massive disruption.

I have anxiety issues and do not cope well with change at all. Plus we have nine budgies and a young child (she was one year old on 9th March)

The new flat is not ideal and we had to keep the budgies locked in for the first couple of days which I felt really bad about.

They have a good view of Canary wharf from the window though and have settled in quite well.

That first hour of letting them out is always so stressful. I was worried that they’d fly into the wall and hurt themselves. They were okay thankfully.

We were told that it would take two weeks to a month to be allowed back in our flat but so far have not been informed of any progress.



25/02/2020 / featheredfiends

Daisy and the Rainbow.

Daisy saw her first rainbow today. I am not sure what she made of it.

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