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13/11/2015 / featheredfiends

A Clever Custard

As I have posted before, Custard has a liver condition and as a result his beak is overgrown.

Last month, we took him to the vet for a beak trim and file.

A few days ago we noticed that he might need another vet visit. However, last night I realised that he’s given himself a trim!

He’d been spending lots of time at the iodine block and cuttlefish, grinding away with his beak.

So, it turns out that he’s escaped a vet visit for the moment. Clever boy.

His beak looks a little stronger than last month too, so hopefully the hepatosyl and aloe juice have been helping him.

Custard on 8th November

custard beak 8-11-15

Custard on 13th November

custard beak13-11.15

11/11/2015 / featheredfiends

Millet, corn and fun

The budgies have been eating millet, sweetcorn and having lots of fun.

I washed a huge load of millet for them, which is now dried and stored in boxes.

Here are the latest batch of photos of the fiends.

24/10/2015 / featheredfiends

A feast of Dill..

The budgies are feasting on some Dill this afternoon.
Dill and Basil are their two favourite herbs so they’re really enjoying themselves.

You can see Roswell swinging away in the background!

09/10/2015 / featheredfiends

Custards Vet visit 8-10-15

Further to Custards vet visit of 18th August to discuss his overgrown beak and the bloodspots in his nails, we had to book an appointment for a beak trim and shaping.

He has a liver condition and it means that his beak grew too long, so, in order for him to be able to dehusk seed properly, something needed to be done.

We have made dietry changes in order to try and help him, but, so far the beak is still growing.

Someone on my forum has had some success with a supplement called Hepatosyl, so far only licensed for cats and dogs, but the vet gave me the go-ahead to try miniscule amounts for Custard. As it is not an actual drug, you do not need a prescription for it, so we have odered some online.

I have attached photos of the beak, before and after trimming. I think you wll agree that it was a very professional job and Custard is most handsome!DSCF3104 custard beak 2-10-05b

05/10/2015 / featheredfiends

All of the other fiends on Sky’s birthday

I took photos of all of the other fiends this morning.

We’ll all be celebrating Sky’s birthday together with some herbs and perhaps some egg.

05/10/2015 / featheredfiends

Happy Birthday to Sky, Nine years old today!

Happy Birthday to Sky, he came to live with us on 5th October 2010 at the age of 4 years.
So he’s been with us for 5 years now.

He doesn’t look a day older than 3 :)

11/09/2015 / featheredfiends

Billybob, Hector and Blithe posing.. Pretty boys..

I managed to capture this lovely shot of Billybob(yellow),
Hector(blue) and Blithe (white with a blue belly..)

Pretty boys indeed.


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