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06/02/2021 / featheredfiends

Budgie update – photos of the gang

Peter has integrated very well into the group. He enjoys spending time with George. I have also seen him playing with Blithe through the bars of a cage and bashing beaks. Plus he’s sang and played with Billy.

Here are some photos of everyone. I particularly like the one of six of the budgies on the swing, they look like a circus act 🙂

10/01/2021 / featheredfiends

Colour coded budgies

My budgies seem to have colour coded themselves. Last night George moved over to the yellow/green cage.

So now we have a blue cage and a yellow green one 🙂

Do budgies choose the way that they feel safe by spending time with similar coloured budgies to themselves? is it a survival instinct for camouflage?

18/12/2020 / featheredfiends

A Christmas Budgie

I am pleased to announce that we have a new budgie friend. He came to live with us near the end of November.

We have named him Peter. His previous owner wanted him to go to a place where he would have other budgie friends to play with. He has 7 other playmates here and is very happy.

He’s a quiet little soul (so far, but I’m sure we’ll be able to tell more over time).

Peter will get on my hand for me to lift him into his cage for bedtime. He shares a night time cage with Blithe, Bertie and George.

I have attached a photo of him with Bertie – Peter is the Sky Blue spangle. Also a photo with all of his current friends.

Welcome Peter, we’re glad to have you here!

25/10/2020 / featheredfiends

Fly high My Beautiful Skyblue hen Lucy

I’m very sad today – we lost our beautiful SkyBlue hen, Lucy.

She had a very short illness and I found her at the bottom of the cage this morning.

Lucy was approximately 4 years old , she came to us in March 2017 at the age of 6 months. She had been through a lot of health issues and also a few scrapes.

After vigorously chasing him around until he agreed that he was indeed her soul mate – she formed a very close relationship with George, George continued devoted to her and to feed and preen her all through her issues. Even though he had a brief relationship with Polly, he fed both hens and they never fought over him – I do not know where he got the energy.

We will miss your crazy antics and zest for life Lucy.

Photos attached of Lucy – George is the Green spangle sitting next to her.

08/09/2020 / featheredfiends

Say cluck cluck and lay an egg

A couple of days ago one of my budgies laid an egg. I have three hens, but I suspect it was Iris.

Co-incidently, I have been reading a book to my little girl called “A busy day for birds” by Lucy Cousins. Eve likes me to read this book at least 5 times a day.

There is a page that says “Say Cluck Cluck and lay an egg”.

I think Iris has been taking this literally.

06/09/2020 / featheredfiends

Hen Trouble!

Two of my hens (Lucy and Iris) are constantly trying to find nesting places in the curtains.

The other day I walked into the room, holding Eve(my daughter), to find that Lucy had herself tangled up in the bottom of the curtain and was flapping away.

I quickly put Eve down and held Lucy with one hand, making sure to hold her wings in (getting bitten really hard many times)and tried to free her with the other. She had cotton tangled around her leg and foot and was flapping to try and get away. I called to my husband for what felt like ages for help as he was in the other room and the doors were closed.

Eventually, he appeared and I asked for some scissors and for him to hold her while I snipped the cotton. I made one snip and it freed her so she flew off.

Thankfully there was no damage to her, I’ve no idea how long she was there.

So now, this is what the curtains look like to try and prevent it happening again!

18/08/2020 / featheredfiends

The amazing antics of Daisy

When I get the camera out to take photos of the budgies, Daisy will do anything to get away from me.

She likes to fly away as fast as she can and keep her beady eye on me!

Oh well, at least she is having fun and being active.

22/07/2020 / featheredfiends

Budgies are glad to be home

We all moved back in to our flat on 9th July. I think the budgies are glad to be home too.

When we were on the 4th floor they could constantly see seagulls circling and it made them quite unsettled.

Here is a photo taken yesterday of the budgies enjoying some basil

16/07/2020 / featheredfiends

Lemon’s Poem

Lemon’s ashes arrived home yesterday.

Sunnyfields pet crematorium included a poem with the ashes. It had me in floods of tears.

We miss you little guy.

’til we meet again.

14/06/2020 / featheredfiends

Fly High Lemon

Lemon was brought to us in June 2018 by a lady that found him outside. She kindly took him to the vet and it was found that he had a bad case of scaly face. Luckily, with treatment, he made a full recovery.

He quickly made budgie friends, due to his laid back nature.

Yesterday morning when I uncovered the budgies it seemed that Lemon had vomited some seed.
I spent all day trying to get him to eat and drink, I even syringed him some baby food but it did not help.

Unfortunately, in the evening he passed away.

Fly high Lemon, you will be missed by us all, especially your friend Colin (see photo of Colin and Lemon)

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