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30/06/2010 / featheredfiends

Mutant carrot, Orange beaks and Acrobatics

Today has been a fun day.

The weather has been lovely and breezy and I gave the boys some mutant carrot to munch on – I made slits in the carrot and slotted in Chives.  Jerry  was first to explore and tuck in, within 10 minutes they all had orange beaks and there were chives all over the place.  The aroma of Chives filled the flat and budgies sang happily to themselves.

Roswell has been showing off again with acrobatics, hanging upside-down seems to be his very favourite thing. I guess things look more fun to him if he’s upside-down.

We had a visitor for an hours or so, we had to have them in their cage, they were not happy about that and squawked their little beaks off for a while.  When we finally let them out, the husband offered Monty the stick to climb on and he jumped on and promptly shot off again.  We think Monty was snubbing him because he didn’t like being kept in his cage.

He’s sitting up on the play centre giving me the evil budgie eye (Monty that is and not the husband)

I haven’t tried them again with banana yet, maybe another time when they have calmed down..


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