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03/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Broccoli and Weetabix for breakfast?

Most mornings by birds get a salad of grated vegetables on a pyrex plate on top of their cage. It’s given to them before I even have my morning coffee.  I bet you’re thinking “Spoilt little so and so’s..”

But they really care about my health and well-being and today they proved it, they have thought about what I eat and have obviously decided I don’t have enough green stuff in my diet.  I was sitting at my laptop eating my weetabix this morning and after being overflown by four screaming budgies having their morning rant and excitement hour, I looked down to find a tiny piece of Broccoli left as a nutritious gift in my breakfast.

It could have been far worse believe me..

Monty has a beak for nutrition

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