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04/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Ten things my Budgies really love to do

1/ Play and eat

Food is there to be played with is it not?! – it is if you’re a budgie. Here you can see Roswell and Jerry playing with and eating from a little contraption that my husband came up with – an upturned pot with holes pierced in and chives threaded through – the pot is weighted down with a large stone inside – which they can’t get to cos the lid has been put on.

Play and eat

2/ Get Wet

They love to get wet and splash water everywhere, especially at me and each other. Look how soaked Roswell and Jerry are, I had to take the dish away shortly after this photo was taken!
The Green thing in the dish is a food holder from a packet of Trill Toppers – Jerry likes to throw it off of the cage top. Today he dropped it in their bath, maybe he felt it needed a wash.

Get Wet

3/ Hang upside-down

It’s mostly Roswell that likes to do this, in “Roswell’s World” things look better when you view them from a different perspective. He especially likes to take a drink when he’s upside-down.

hang upside-down

4/ Get that wheely bird

They really like to biff things with their beaks and bash away at them to tell them off or display their excitement – the wheely bird and plastic budgie in the “Summer Palace” get it frequently!

Get that wheely bird

5/ Preen

They are such pretty boys (they know this because we frequently tell them so) and need to stay that way which means hours and hours of preening to keep their plumage looking lovely, shiny and clean. I find that my two exhibition birds – Roswell and Snowy tend to preen far more than Jerry and Monty the two pet types.


6/ Stand on top of the curtain and stare down at me menacingly

This one is a lot of fun for them and they also nap up there, they feel safer higher up and able to see all that is going on around them.
They do look kind of fluffy and cute and sometimes they all huddle together which is sweet. Even though they do bicker and argue budgie style quite a lot, they are still a flock and stick together for comfort.

Stand on top of the curtain and stare down at me menacingly

7/ Throw vegetables everywhere

Oh the mess! They’re constantly chucking corn and broccoli at me – I sit on the sofa between their two cages and they fly back and forth dropping little tiny pieces of food on me all day. It’s funny when it happens as I’d rather it was food than bird poop – but that happens too, always have a tissue at the ready in my house, or better still wear overalls – you’ll leave looking like you have been tarred and feathered!

Throw vegetables everywhere

8/ Muck about

Look at little Roswell showing off with his acrobatics, he’s hanging off of one of the racks we put on the wall. It’s meant to be for hanging on a door and putting coat hangers on but we put some “eyes” into the wall and slotted the racks in and now the budgies play on it running back and forth, hanging upside-down.
I also put a mirror up there and sometimes peg vegetables such as Coriander, Basil or Parsley up there for them to play with and eat.

It’s funny the things they will play with – sometimes they would rather tear up newspaper in the “summer palace” than play with any of the bright shiny toys we bought them.

Muck about

9/ Stand on the clock

I am not even sure how they grip it with their feet as there is no ledge as such but they love flying up there and preening or singing. Gets very messy and I am constantly washing it, but they love it up there.

Stand on the clock

10/ Pose

Such little models my boys, especially the two exhibition birds. Roswell has really perfected “Blue Steel” (a Model pouty “look” from Zoolander ala Ben Stiller – look it up if you haven’t seen it)

Roswell loves the camera he’s always striking a pose.

Pretty Pretty Boys!



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  1. bozo / Jul 5 2010 5:10 AM

    hey budgies! great to have you on board

    woof woof
    from bozo
    Pet Pride

  2. webmistress / Jul 9 2010 1:42 AM

    cool blog, i’ve learned something new – birds eat veggies
    and here i thought it was all bread, crackers and seed

    you seem to really love them, how many do you have in total?

  3. Polly M.I.A / Dec 10 2010 3:41 AM

    Do you think birds are good pets for younger children?

    • featheredfiends / Dec 10 2010 7:57 AM

      Only if you are prepared to make sure they care for them properly and possibly take over all duties when the child gets bored with the bird.
      I see a lot of ads on gumtree where the kids got bored with a bird within 3-4 months and it gets sold on, which is a little sad.

  4. Rebecca / Feb 22 2011 4:35 PM

    Hi! Just checking out this blog… v cool! So not only uou who looks at it! 😉


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