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06/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Ropes, Swinging and Pot

I cleaned lots of budgie things a couple of days ago – including both the Summer Palace and Budgingham Palace, many many budgie toys and the two racks and mirror that are on the wall.

In a fit of enthusiasm today I decided to rearrange a few things and today I have placed the Twisty coloured Rope perch that was in the Summer Palace in the doorway of their main cage (Budgingham Palace)

We call the other cage the Summer Palace because it’s located by the window and get’s a lot of sunlight. The budgies like to sit in it a lot and either play or watch the sunset. They fly back and forth from Budgingham Palace all day long screaming their little beaks off with excitement.


rope perch in doorway 6-7-10

The idea behind moving the Rope Perch here is that it might help them get into and out of the cage, Snowy sometimes has a “decision making” problem and his little pink feet pitter patter back and forth, while he’s looking all over the place trying to work out the best way to get out of the cage, this should make it easier for him at least.

Roswell has been having fun with the Swing. Because there are tiles on top of the Summer Palace and we only recently placed the swing in there, it was stilted and would rigidly move when a budgie dared jump on it tentatively.

Now it has been mended and works better, Roswell decided to play on it today, he’s been up to his usual acrobatic tricks.

Swinging, budgie style

Roswell swing 6-7-10 002

We don’t like to have the swing in the main cage as it’s only really big enough for one budgie to play on at a time, fights would break out at bedtime for the swing as a roosting place.

Poor Monty looks a bit threadbare at the moment, like an old Teddybear, he’s moulting AGAIN – it’s never ending.

Let me be your Teddy bear

moulting Monty 6-7-10

Pots of fun

A plastic pot of chives has kept the budgies amused for almost the entire day, just look at the nibbling that has gone on here.

nibbled chives 6-7-10

and here is Monty hiding behind the pot of chives trying to sneak up on it, or hiding from the camera – perhaps both.

Monty hiding behind a pot 6-7-10



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  1. myheartbookclub / Jul 6 2010 11:48 PM

    Aw, your birds are beautiful!
    They look like theyd be entertaining to watch =)

  2. christiangrblr / Jul 7 2010 3:18 AM

    I have always wanted a bird as a pet. My mom wouldn’t mind. But my dad. Yeah that’s another story… Haha Budgies are adorable. My niece has one. Aaaw the way its little beak moves side to side as the pointy tip punctures my flesh. Good times. Lol. Also the second photo is marvelous! Love it.

    Great post and enjoy your day!


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