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07/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Noisy, naughty birdies

Who would have thought four small birds could make so much noise?

They have had to be told off several times today for being a bit too boisterous. Yes they may look sweet but they’re capable of raising merry hell when they feel like it.

Roswell kept trying to bite the top of the curtain and Jerry decided he wanted to chase Snowy about and jump on him – Roswell defended Snowy and got angry with Jerry. Who knows what goes on in their little minds..


In the Summer Palace

7-7-10 005


Roswell and Jerry together on a swing for the first time

7-7-10 013 

Snowy looking extra fluffy like a McFlurry

7-7-10 004 


I gave them a head of broccoli as all the florets has been cut off and eaten. At first they wouldn’t go near it, then Monty and Jerry overflew it and flapped at it a few times mobbing it.

Finally after about 2 hours (after they had seen Monty approach it and give it a stiff talking to) Roswell and Jerry wandered over for a nibble.


Broccoli, not so bad after all

7-7-10 002


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