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09/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Don’t Dilly Dally on the way

Look at this lovely Dill.  Looks nice doesn’t it, all misty and fresh and SCARY!

I thoroughly expect the budgies to go straight over to the Dill and start happily chewing away when I have posted this blog update, that is just what happens!

Dill 9-7-10

The budgies wont go near it for more than five minutes at the moment, maybe they think it’s a tiny Christmas tree and I’ll expect them to sing me Carrols or something?

Will they or wont they pluck up the courage to have a small nibble?

Monty seems to want to stick to Broccoli for now…

Monty with broccoli in beak

Roswell looking like the Dill has a secret EVIL agenda

9-7-10 002

On a completely separate note, this is Roswell’s new trick from yesterday evening.  I praised him for standing on the wire and ball of their play centre, so the next couple of times I came over he climbed to the top again and looked pleased with himself waiting to be showered with more talk of being a “Good boy, “Clever Boy” – of course I gladly complied 🙂

A very clever boy

Roswell on the ball



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  1. Mary / Jul 9 2010 6:58 PM

    I just found your blog and love it! Budgies are so underrated and often overlooked. It just warms my heart to see some who are so appreciated and loved!!! They are such wonderful little jewels and most people don’t know what they’re missing.

    Your boys are absolutely gorgeous!

    • featheredfiends / Jul 9 2010 7:35 PM

      They are wonderful I agree. Great little guys and ever so naughty!!

      I read somewhere that they have the mentality of a 3 year old child so that’s no wonder! 🙂

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