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13/07/2010 / featheredfiends

A day in the nuthouse

The birds are acting like total loonies today zipping about a lot and squawking.  It’s quite windy outside and the wind keeps blowing the curtains about, this always drives the birds insane.

They also don’t like it that there is no sun this afternoon, they usually like to sit in the Summer Palace and catch the rays, but alas it looks like it’s going to rain – wonder what they will make of that? – I don’t think they have seen a proper downpour yet.

I left them a whole millet cut into two when we went out earlier as something to keep them occupied – I don’t give them millet often. We came back to two skeletons of millet – one on the floor, guess they enjoyed it then.

We have been out shopping and I have bought some Tarragon for the birds to try tomorrow morning, Probably give them some baby corn with it too.

Pics for the day

Monty “what are you staring at?”

13-7-10 005

Roswell “These are the keys to my many fast sports cars”

13-7-10 006

Snowy “Stop taking my photo I am busy, keeping myself pretty”

13-7-10 009

Jerry “Whatever it is, it wasn’t me”

13-7-10 003


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  1. sweetpea / Jul 14 2010 11:00 AM

    Love the photos. Monty looks quite fluffy there. LOL @ Roswell & his sports car… I hope he brushes those feathers out of his eyes before driving. Snowy looks really cool & yes, Jerry has definitely been up to something naughty!

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