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19/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Fearless Fiends

The birds have had a pool party today as it’s been ultra-hot in London:


It’s funny how if I put my open hand near them they will all scatter and fly away, but if that open hand has their budgie bath on it they all hop on and dip themselves into the water. 

Roswell is always first, he dips in his wings one at a time and then his face. Monty just jumps straight in and flaps about like he’s swimming! it’s great to watch and you get a bath yourself in the process.  I should stand there in my bathing suit with a rubber ducky in the morning when I let them bathe.


We have also had a lot of Mange Tout and Corn flung at us today – they seem to nibble on it and then carry or nudge it to the end of the top of the cage with their beaks and then either push or fling it off.  They then go to the edge and look over to see where it went.

Silly boys!


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