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23/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Four Simple Tips for Business Success

My budgies: Monty, Snowy, Roswell and Jerry are very successful at what they do, they are budgies all day long and have four very important tips to share with you so that you can be as productive and creative as they are. Follow these and you cannot go far wrong.

Always eat breakfast

As Jerry demonstrates here, if you do not eat a balanced breakfast before you start work for the day, you will be flagging way before mid day and you will probably reach for a sugary snack that will make your blood sugar plummet and you’ll feel even more tired and less productive.

Jerry 23-7-10 006

Don’t be frightened to take charge

So you’re worried that people will see you as bossy, Monty doesn’t worry about such things, he just gets on with it and is very decisive.

 its all mine 22-7-10

Remember to look your best at all times

You never know when you could get called into that all-important career breaking meeting, you don’t want snagged tights or scruffy shoes making a dent in your confidence when an opportunity presents itself. Roswell always looks immaculate.

Roswell 23-7-10

Climb that Success Ladder

From down there it might look high but think how you will feel when you reach the top.

Snowy 23-7-10 025 


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