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23/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Playing with the birds, Ebay Spending Frenzy!

I spent a long time today playing with the birds, we gave Jerry a Spot On Treatment (protection against Scaly face and Mites amongst other nasties) so we tried to give him some millet as a treat after – of course he wouldn’t come near our hands so I left some form him in the cage and play centre.

I tried to get the others to perch on my hand to eat the millet but they were mostly reluctant – EXCEPT for Monty!

Monty used to perch on my hand to eat millet in the old days before Roswell, Snowy and Jerry came along so I wasn’t sure if he still would be he did, this was fun, it feels nice to have the little boy on my hand and I could feel his little feathery face between my fingers as he ate the millet. He played about a lot too jumping off my hand to the play centre and back. He also biffed and nibbled lightly at my hand.

Monty from the old days

monty nibbling millet

It’s really good that Monty is still not afraid of jumping on my hand even if it is only when there is millet in it for him.

I had a little bit of cash left in my Paypal account so had a look on Ebay for a budgie Toy and I found something that I think might be a lot of fun for them.

This is what I got, I’m really looking forward to it arriving, it’s a Little Heart with multi-coloured rings hanging off of it.

New bird toy



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  1. Marg / Jul 24 2010 1:32 PM

    Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Glad you think Dr. Tinycat is as cute as I thought she was.
    Your birds are really pretty. I don’t know much about birds like these so this will be fun to learn about them. Monty looks like a really nice bird. Is he a parakeet??? Or do you call them something different.
    Have a great week end.

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