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24/07/2010 / featheredfiends

Vegetable Kebabs and cheeky Vandals

At last I thought of an idea for all the lolly-sticks that I had been saving up.  Jerry keeps throwing perfectly good vegetable onto the floor before any of the other budgies have had a chance for a nibble of it.  So I thought I would use the sticks to make a kind of vegetable kebab.

I slit each Mange Tout and Baby Sweet corn and threaded them onto the stick, so far no vegetables have been flung over the side! So far so good!

Kebabs for the birds

budgies 24-7-10 016

Where is my piece of corn? I am sure I put it down somewhere

budgies 24-7-10 018

Monty had a good play this morning, running back and forth on the play centre and beating up the plastic budgie. I do wonder what goes through his mind when he does this.  He looks really furious.

Mad Monty

budgies 24-7-10 010

Roswell and Jerry have been up to their usual tricks of climbing on things and biting them. In this case it was the turn of the Budgie Screen that we made for the Window.

Naughty Vandals

budgies 24-7-10 021 


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