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01/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Mirror Mirror on the wall…Who are the most scaredy Budgies of all?

Today’s Roswell Poser

budgies 1-8-10 031

Dr Monty says “Say AHHHH”

budgies 1-8-10 033

Look, I can do the splits!

budgies 1-8-10 008

Jerry stares at the scary evil strawberry from afar, hoping it wont jump up and murder him

budgies 1-8-10 019

Monty pretends to ignore the Strawberry

budgies 1-8-10 003

Jerry feeds Roswell his lunch, yum yum!

budgies 1-8-10 025

Roswell and Jerry hide from the camera “Nope, no budgies here!”

budgies 1-8-10 030

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the most pretty Snowy of all?

budgies 1-8-10 024


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