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08/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Pictures of my budgies when they first came home

Here are Monty and Eric from back in November 2009. Monty darted out of his carry box as soon as we placed it in the cage but Eric held back for a while.

Eric and Monty





Roswell has always been a bit of a looker as you can see.  Here he is from back in January when my husband brought him and Snowy home.

Even thought we got them at the same time from the same breeder they did not get on at first, thankfully they do now – most of the time.

Roswell on 31st January 2010

Roswell 31-1-10

Snowy on 31st January 2010

Snowy 31-1-10

Jerry was rocking back and forth in his cardboard carry box when I first put it down on the sofa as I opened the cage doors.

He sprung out of the box when I placed it in the cage and went straight to the mirror and started singing and bashing away at it.

It was obvious from the start that he was a bit of a live-wire!

In the pet shop that we got Jerry from he was housed with a pair of budgies (male/female couple) and they were picking on him and obviously didn’t want him around.  I really had my heart set on a green budgie so it was quite lucky for me and him. Also very lucky for Roswell to have a new playmate!

I have never seen one of these shiny things before but I like it. My new abode will do.

Jerrys first day 43 mins in 12-3-10 001


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