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13/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Crazy naughty birds

As my previous post said, they have been really naughty and energetic today, Monty has bitten me twice, once this morning and once this afternoon – both times I was trying to get him away from Jerry as he was in “fight mode”. I can guarantee when he is in this mood that he will jump on my hand and savage it if I put it near him – which has it’s advantages as it makes it quite easy to remove him from the other budgies and place him in solitary (one of the cages we have – don’t worry they are both pretty large) for a few minutes while he calms down.

Anyway here are some pics from the day.

Monty and Snowy dancing about on the floor

bodgies 13-8-10 025 bodgies 13-8-10 023 bodgies 13-8-10 024


I gave ‘em millet to try and calm them all down and take their tiny minds off of trying to jump on each other. Yeah I am that mother that bribes their kids with sweeties to shut them up cos they are driving me INSANE!


bodgies 13-8-10 004

bodgies 13-8-10 010

bodgies 13-8-10 014

bodgies 13-8-10 001


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