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14/08/2010 / featheredfiends

You’ve been papped!

I decided to use the flash on my camera today, hadn’t been using it much before in case it scared the budgies, turns out it doesn’t bother them at all, maybe something to do with them seeing more frames per second than us – probably looks like the light is there for ages or something!

“Jerry, you’ve been papped” laughs Roswell

bodgies 14-8-10 002

“One, two, three – bottoms away!”

bodgies 13-8-10 028

Jerry “It’s a lovely evening for cocktails isn’t it Roswell, I’ll have a Cosmopolitan”

bodgies 13-8-10 032

Roswell to Jerry “She’s always taking photos of that mouthy blue one, he just doesn’t appreciate artistic content”

bodgies 13-8-10 035

Monty “Can’t talk, eating!”

bodgies 14-8-10 012

Jerry “No, EVERYONE face the wall”

bodgies 14-8-10 028

Monty “Not coming down till you put that camera away”

bodgies 14-8-10 021

Me “Jerry, Smile!”…”Oh, where is he?”

bodgies 14-8-10 026


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