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15/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Today is dedicated to THE EVIL ONE..

Monty bit me again today!

It was totally unprovoked and he just wouldn’t let up, he climbed on my finger and then just started attacking it and squiggling at me (it’s the noise that they make when annoyed, sounds like a miniature horse)

So today is dedicated to the evil terror known as King Monty..

Evil Glare as Jerry and Roswell play

bodgies 14-8-10 007

Climbing up the budgie screen, planning an escape route

bodgies 13-8-10 041

What are YOU staring at?

bodgies 13-8-10 044

Snowy looks cheerful as Monty GLARES..

bodgies 13-8-10 031 

Why are you still watching me?

budgie boos 10-8-10.jpg 032

I’m stretching – go away!

budgie boos 10-8-10.jpg 053

Are YOU still here?

budgie boos 10-8-10.jpg 055

I am giving you the Monty Death Glare..

budgie boos 10-8-10.jpg 052

Look at those three having fun without me, how dare they. I have the biggest cahones!

7-8-10.jpg 006

I’m so small and cute and fluffy, LOVE ME!

Monty small and cute



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  1. this indonesian / Aug 16 2010 2:15 PM

    Love this post! Naughty Monty! Hey that rhymes 😉

    I’m currently bird sitting two budgies at the moment so it’s four of them at home. One of them is an English and he’s so quiet and calm – like “I’m too cool for this and that”…are they always like that?

    • featheredfiends / Aug 16 2010 2:50 PM


      My Show budgies are definitely not always quiet and calm. I have had to separate some of my budgies cos of the fighting and Roswell is climbing the walls of the cage trying to get out.

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