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16/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Even naughty budgies deserve new stuff

The birdies have been incredibly naughty these past few days – jumping on each other – biting the hand that feeds them (this is almost entirely Monty!), but because they are only birdies and can’t help being mischievous and well, we like buying them stuff and seeing their little fuzzy faces light up (usually with terror) when they see a new toy.

Today we ordered from Zooplus – some Kiwi, Fig and banana sticks, 4 lovely natural wood perches and a little climbing frame.

crackers wooden perches 


Pictures of the deserving culprits during their incarceration earlier to separate them from each other!

Monty giving me “the look” yet again

bodgies 15-6-8-10 015

Jerry and Roswell looking like they had an argument

bodgies 15-6-8-10 020

“Where’s the door, where’s the door, where’s the door?”

bodgies 15-6-8-10 004

“seriously, this is not funny anymore, I am tired of running back and forth”

bodgies 15-6-8-10 007

“I’ll bite you again if you don’t let me out”

a monty in jail 

“I am taking all of my aggression out on this tiny piece of cuttlebone”

bodgies 15-6-8-10 022  

“I am going to mesmerise you into letting me out”

bodgies 15-6-8-10 017


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  1. the writer / Aug 17 2010 6:40 PM

    I love reading your blog 🙂

    Btw, just to let you know so that you won’t be confused, I own both blogs at and the photoblog at

    I might use two logins to leave comment in this blog instead.

    I also blog about our feathered guests today, check it out 😉

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