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20/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Roswell bit Monty’s foot :(

Well as some of you may know, the budgies have been particularly boisterous in the past week. 

Roswell has been chasing Snowy around and this has agitated Jerry and Monty, they’re jealous and a lot of wing flapping from Jerry and attempting to jump on each other has gone on.

We separated them this morning into pairs so that they could calm down a bit (Monty Snowy and Roswell Jerry) gave them quite a while to calm down – 30 minutes.

But when we let Roswell and Jerry out, they flew straight over to Monty and Snowy’s cage and started climbing all over it, then we noticed that Roswell bit Monty’s foot. 

My husband got Roswell away and I noticed that there was blood on his arm (my husbands and not Roswell’s, Roswell is a budgie and doesn’t have arms!) – at first we thought it was Monty’s face (I thought it was his eye – shock horror – I almost had a coronary) but it turned out that it was just above his toe-nail and he’d itched his head spreading blood all over the place.

Anyway the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and Monty looked far worse that the injury actually was due to the blood on his face.

The birds have remained in their separate cages ever since and will sleep separately tonight. It’s hard to keep them apart but it’s for their own safety.  Roswell and Snowy keep pacing and Jerry hovers and flaps like a large mad Hummingbird.  That said they are far calmer than earlier – although Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” is on the radio and that always gets them going.

Monty is recovering well and seems quite happy bashing away at the mirror.  I put some millet and vegetables in their cage and that seems to help (Roswell and Jerry have a treat stick that is mainly millet already as they’re in the main cage)

Such a relief that we have two cages!!

The boys will accept your messages, presents and cards now 🙂

I wont post a photo of Monty with blood on him as it might upset people, instead here are some cute recent ones of the birdies…

Dig your eyeliner dude.

bodgies 19-8-10 010

Is this my best side?

budgies 1-8-10 004 

This treat stick tastes better upside-down

bodgies 19-8-10 045 

Jerry….coming through!

jerry in flight 

This is my serious face

bodgies 17-8-10 010 


7-8-10.jpg 017

I like it up here Roswell, I can poop on the humans

bodgies 14-8-10 011


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