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24/08/2010 / featheredfiends

Nine pictures of the fiends

Are you looking at my Johnson?

bodgies 15-6-8-10 016

I know I had it here somewhere..

bodgies 15-6-8-10 018

Do you fancy a cocktail Monty, it’s my round?

bodgies 17-8-10 013

Oh bugger, I’ve dropped the Basil

bodgies 19-8-10 015

I Hink I got my Hung Tuck

 bodgies 21-8-10 022

It’s my impression of a koala

bodgies 14-8-10 018

I can see through this thing

budgie boos 10-8-10.jpg 046

I don’t know the words to Hotel California, is it okay if I hum?

bodgies 14-8-10 005

You might be bigger Roswell, but I’m pure muscle

budgies 29-7-10 019


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