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26/08/2010 / featheredfiends

New member of the flock!

It’s a clay budgie that my mum brought me back from Eastbourne, it’s a third of the size of a real budgie and it’s a female, but my four feisty boys are petrified of it 🙂

With the absence of my camera (husband is borrowing it) today the photos are going to be a bit cack, sorry!


I’m evil evil evil as can be, don’t mess around with me



Some lovely vegetables to try and distract the boys from fighting and cussing each other



What shall I try first Monty, corn or Mange Tout?

Did you know that they buy the expensive stuff for us, they don’t eat any?



Hey, that Mange Tout and corn is the same colour as me!




Basil, you have not defeated the Montyraptor, I’ll be back.



Mmmm this Trill is GOOOOOOOOD!




I might jump in this and roll about in a minute





Must ask them to get some differently coloured foods

budgies 26-8-10

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  1. Zohie / Sep 1 2010 6:15 PM

    They have a fantastic diet!

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