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28/08/2010 / featheredfiends

and then it rained!

Wow, the sky just got dark and it’s suddenly started raining really hard, I heard someone scream outside and someone shouted “I’m getting really soaked”, always funny when it’s happening to someone else 😀

The budgies do not like the dark sky, Roswell and Jerry are perched on the soap dish on the window staring out at it wondering if it means the worlds millet supply is no more (It’s as deep as they can get to “it’s the end of the world”)

Snowy and Monty are playing about inside Budgingham palace pretending all is as normal but secretly wondering why the room and sky have got dark and who stole the shiny bright thing that shines on them and makes then happy.

They haven’t been subjected to thunder and lightning yet, wonder what they’ll make of that?


I have to keep changing things around to keep the fiends happy

 bodgies 27-8-10 002


When they’re happy, they don’t fight

bodgies 27-8-10 011


They still stare at me a lot though

bodgies 27-8-10 009


Monty can even sometimes tolerate Jerry

bodgies 27-8-10 028



bodgies 27-8-10 025


My Grey beauty Roswell is happy when he has his basil and his Jerry 🙂

bodgies 27-8-10 021 

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  1. Zohie / Sep 1 2010 6:14 PM

    Nice play area you have set up for them!

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