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11/09/2010 / featheredfiends

Little Feathery Faces

I bet you have missed their little feathery faces, go on admit it.

The Fiends have acquired some new goods since my last blog update. They have another Soap dish stuck to the window – this has proved very popular, they’ve been queuing up taking turns to jump on it and peer out of the window.

I also got them three yellow bath Ducks, a mummy and two kids – but to be fair I thought they were going to be a lot smaller than they are. I had great visions of them in their budgie bath playing with the ducks!

Unfortunately if I put one of these ducks in the bath there would be no room for my birds.

Snowy seems to like the ducks, I caught him licking one, maybe it’s his new best friend, good to have one that doesn’t bite, eh?

New food has been discovered – today they tried a Radish, cress and pea salad – not sure how much of it they have eaten, but still they were adventurous enough to go straight up to the plate and beak it’s contents and that is a great start!

I have a confession to make. I bought some baby food for the birds to try and convert them to fruit – in the past I have tried them on:

Fruit Birdy taste rating

Raspberries – Scary

Strawberries – Scary

Banana – Very scary

Pear – Small beakage

Apple – Small beakage

Mandarin – A bit sticky

I bought a mango and banana baby dessert – nothing but fruit in it, it was also halal according to the label.

Birdy taste rating – they dropped some carrot and dill in it to try and add texture but they still didn’t like it.

All of the birds, especially Roswell have been enjoying biting the bark off of the new climbing wall – I clip some Spinach, Dill or Basil to it and they pull off the leaves and bite the bark some more.

Took lots of photos for the Blog today – I especially like the one of all four fiends eating the Dill I pegged to the playground!

Enjoy! 😀

Marianne, Monty, Snowy, Roswell and Jerry (and the husband tee hee!)

Climb faster you ‘orrible lot!

I’m a duck, no I’m a Duck – quack quack

This tastes just like chocolate – which I imagine to be slightly woody.

Look at those cute little throat spots and perfect tiny little nails

Wheeeeeeee I LOVE Dill!

Cute – who, me!

Will you be my fwiend little Ducky?

But I don’t want to go up again Monty, I am tired, and I am not convinced you’re even timing me!


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