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14/09/2010 / featheredfiends

Feathers everywhere! maybe Lady Gaga would like to make a dress from them

Still having Laptop issues, it’s actually looking like I will have to buy a new hard disk drive as my second one has given up the ghost. We have spent days trying to get it to boot up any operating system but to no avail, as we’re not Computer Experts and have surfed the net, got angry and tried all we can, alas it’s a dead Laptop.

Back to the birdies, they have been quite quiet the last few days – the weather is turning colder and they’re moulting again – lots of little fluffy soft white feathers constantly snowing down on us. It’s amazing that the birds are not naked.

Monty has been very cheeky – flying out into the kitchen and jumping on my plate, tweeting and bashing at my cup, he’s a very naughty budgie and it’s so obvious that he’s doing it for attention.

As I have not had my own Computer to sit at for a few days, the birds have been trying to get my attention even more than usual. I gave Monty some extra attention, even got him to fly to me a few times as I held out the stick 🙂

Then, he actually climbed on my arm – twice, it was a nice thing to happen in the middle of a very frustrating day, I really like it when the birds interact with me. When I sit at my husbands PC, which is next to the birds cage (on top of which is their play centre at the moment) they sit up there staring down at me, biffing the little lattice bell-ball and watching me type.

Anyway – here are some pics – including one of a really tiny Monty face-feather, I’m sure only true die-hard budgie loonies like myself will get why it’s so tiny, cute and amazing!


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