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17/09/2010 / featheredfiends

All Change Please

Today has been bath day for the birds, splish splash!

Yesterday we re-arranged the front room a lot because I am using an old PC instead of my recently dead laptop to work on.  Things are quite different and the budgies have definitely noticed!

They have been zooming over stuff eyeing it,  wondering what it is and why it has moved around.

I have had both Monty and Roswell on separate hands at the same time eating a sprig of millet each.  It is the first time that Roswell has had enough courage to sit on my hand, he usually leaves that sort of thing to the likes of Monty.

But as I was sitting on the sofa with Monty on my hand munching away at the millet, Roswell fluttered towards me – he aborted at the last minute because I had to move the hand with Monty on out of the way – I have learned to do this after the last time I offered Roswell to sit on the same hand as Monty and Monty nipped me as he obviously didn’t like it!

So I got him a sprig of millet and offered it with my other hand, he got on quite quickly and started happily chomping away and nibbling my fingers were the millet husks fell.

After a short while Monty squiggled at me and flew off because I suspect he thought I was paying Roswell too much attention and he didn’t like it – I might add at this point that it was Monty’s second time on  my hand eating millet today so the poor little dear is not deprived in the slightest just a bit miffed!


Hello Lads, what's this then?

Have you seen what's in here?!

Look, I can stand on the edge!

Look Monty, my belly is blue like yours!

Monty you are not a submarine!

Snowy wash your face, it's all green from Dill

Kiss my fuzzy butt

Pool Party time!


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