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18/09/2010 / featheredfiends

Good morning Egg-heads

My four very moulty birdies left me a note this morning expressing that they would love to have some egg today or else – I didn’t really want to find out what the ELSE would be as I know King Monty can be very mean at times so I obliged.
They had a bowlful of boiled egg with dill, broccoli and sweetcorn mixed in.  They have been really enjoying it and flinging it about of course 🙂
Hope it helps the poor little fellows, glad they like it, they didn’t like any of the shop bought eggfood products for birds that I bought, all turned up their beaks at them in rapid succession.
Later I’ll remove the eggy veg and replace it with just vegetables.
Au revoir.
Monty’s gang and me. 😀
I am the King of all I Survey..
Bring us FOOOOD with egg in it cos we is moulting
I thought I told you not to come around here…just beat it!
Here is Roswell modelling the short trousers he bought from a catalogue
No, I wont turn round
Are all those vegetables really for us?
Tee hee, she can’t see us Roswell
Are you mesmerised by the wooden knobs Jerry?

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