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20/09/2010 / featheredfiends

Hidden Budgie Karaoke

Jerry has been singing behind the wooden climbing frame, I think he thinks that if we can’t see him then we can’t hear him either and he can do what he likes without attracting any attention to himself.

When we first got Roswell and Snowy we could barely see their eyes because they puffed themselves up so much (being beautiful big exhibition budgies) and wondered if it would hinder their sight when flying but recently we have noticed that we can see their little beady eyes a lot better, which is nice.

Monty has been climbing on top of the lattice ball again (on top of the play centre) and this time telling the little plastic budgie off – we’re not sure what it did wrong but all of the birds seem to tell it off and bash it with their beaks.

Lots of pics from us to you..

Marianne and the gang of feathered beaky ones..


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