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24/09/2010 / featheredfiends

A morning feast for a lucky budgie

Monty was the only one brave enough to sit on my hand and eat a sprig of millet this morning, he’s been singing about it ever since. He has puffed himself up and is telling the other three that this is why he’s the boss of the house, because he’s brave and worthy of human attention. Probably telling them that he has the small human with the glasses thoroughly trained and that she will hold out her arm with millet whenever he feels like some.

Not sure what his signal to me is – it’s probably subliminal, Monty would definitely use the power of the budgie mind to out-wit me 🙂

They have their egg and grated broccoli mix this morning, later on I’ll replace it with babycorn, carrot, basil and perhaps some more broccoli.

Me, trained – NEVER! 😀

Here are some pics of Monty enjoying his tucker.


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  1. sweetpea / Sep 24 2010 10:17 AM

    Lovely pics of King Monty. 🙂

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