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26/09/2010 / featheredfiends

Sunday afternoon with the budgies

The birds are all singing away to some Rock music as usual, wonder if they will be lucky and their favourites will come on, these include “Don’t stop me now” by Queen anything by Mika and anything that is really jumpy and lively!

Monty does prefer his Aerosmith, Guns N Roses and Nirvana though, but if any silly music plays either on TV or radio he’ll start hopping about like a deranged Sparrow.

Breakfast brought the birds some pegged up Dill and Spinach, baby corn, Mange Tout and grated carrot – these birds have refined tastes.

Still Monty sat on my hand and had some millet – you wouldn’t think he’d have room after that small feast but he managed it.  Offered some to Roswell and he flew at me twice in an attempt to land on my hand but chickened out and I weakened (surprise surprise) and fed him some anyway – I am a bit of a softie!

I am sure I have seen this wall before

Mmmmmmm tasty green stuff

My god I am so fluffy and gorgeous..I know that's what you're thinking

Honestly, I do despair about the décor round here

I can't stop giggling, this food tray looks like a potty!


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