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01/10/2010 / featheredfiends

Masterchef for budgies, Monty preens his pretty show bird, Roswell and Jerry enjoy alfresco dining

Seriously, I spend more time in the morning deciding on the Budgies menu and making it interesting and pretty for them than I do making my own breakfast!

I wonder if when the budgies notice my efforts they come up with scores and criticism and relate this to eachother, in their best Greg Wallace and John Torode voices of course..

Monty “Top marks for effort but it just doesn’t have the flavour we were expecting”

Roswell “For me there wasn’t enough of it, if I wanted tiny portions I would have ordered a happy meal”

Jerry “It tastes okay but the presentation has let you down again”

Snowy “I was expecting big things but Delia Smith could come up with better with both hands tied behind her back and a blindfold on”

We went out earlier and when we got back home the budgies were all on the play centre together snoozing, this was a rare quiet, peaceful moment so I took a photo!

Also Snowy has taken to hanging upside down off of things, the wee beautiful boy is getting more daring and confident 🙂


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