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08/10/2010 / featheredfiends

Chase me!

There has been waaaay too much Snowy chasing today!

Occasionally Roswell decides that Snowy is just too gorgeous to ignore for a second longer and chases him around the room, this upsets both Monty and Jerry and they start fighting out of frustration. So we have to separate some of them into different cages for a while to calm down.

Oh the drama!

On the calm and sane side, Blue Boy and Sky have been making great progress, we gave them some different things to look at and moved them into the Summer palace so that they can get used to a new layout and have a little bit more room to stretch their wings and strengthen them so that they’ll be able to fly better.

Even spotted Blue boy eating some Basil and Coriander on the sly.. 🙂


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