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11/10/2010 / featheredfiends

The magnificent seven – Welcome Lilek

Okay so this is definitely the last one…

Lilek was brought to us because his partner flew out of the window and the lady that looked after him did not want to get any more budgies as she felt she didn’t have enough time to give them.

Lilek is a very lonely and stressed budgie at the moment so we decided today to introduce him to the flock as he kept regurgitating onto his foot and then eating it.

He’s definitely not ill, he has bright eyes, doesn’t sit fluffed up, is lively and his plumage looks perfect.

Anyway he has already landed on the floor, my keyboard and monitor, the window sill, on my hand, my husbands head and hand, this boy is not shy!

Pictures from the day!


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  1. the writer / Oct 12 2010 6:24 AM

    Lilek is pretty. Tell him that so he is not so stressed anymore 😉

    Congrats with your magnificent seven

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