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19/10/2010 / featheredfiends

Give us stuff.. or else

Or else what you may ask – well I didn’t want to find out so I gave ’em stuff.

Monty wouldn’t let me near his food in case I stole some, he said I eat more than the budgies and it wouldn’t be fair on them if I shared. He has a point.

Sky did his Taxi Driver impression, it was very good.

The rest just scoffed food and sang all day long – it’s what they do best.

Another thing they do very well is bite stuff – Snowy bites the sandpaper I put in their play-station, he has made it his goal to tear off as many small pieces daily that he can – I am worried what he is doing with them, perhaps building a raft or making a loofah so Monty can scratch him in the bath.

Blue-Boy also loves biting stuff, I keep having to shoo him away from the budgie screen as he’s chipping away at the wood – maybe he’s whittling it to make it pole-like, we’ll have to see.


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