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28/10/2010 / featheredfiends

Update on the mob

It’s been more than a week since I updated the blog on the fiends so I thought I had better give an update!

News in alphabetical order..

The Blue-wonder is settling in very well,
he loves to sing and get on especially well with Jerry and Roswell,
they all fly and wander about together like a trouble-some gang of
teenage tearaways. Roswell is the muscle, Jerry the mouth and Blue-boy the pretty one that keeps his mouth shut.

His cheekiness still knows no bounds, although occasionally he’ll hang out
with Monty and they’ll sing and biff eachothers beaks both trying to
gain the upper hand (wing?) on the other. Monty never backs down!

Still slightly anti-social with the other birds but he’s showing great signs
of improving. In the past few days he has even been singing really
quietly to the other birds. He took to the vegetables – especially
basil really quickly!We saw him sit in his play rings a few time
and this boy really loves keys, he flaps at them, chirrups softly and tries to feed
them. We’re trying to get him to play more and he enjoys an occassional head scratch from a wooden lolly-stick. He turns his head, it’s very cute 🙂

What to say about the King himself. Just today he landed on the arm of the sofa next to me and started singing to me – he’s never done that before, it was so sweet. Jerry came over and landed next to him to see if there were any treats on offer!
It’s very strange but Monty seems to know when I am concentrating on something and this is the time he’s most likely to pay me attention and try and get me to notice him!

His friendship with Jerry continues to blossom, Jerry can often be seen preening Roswells big fluffy head.

Once I saw Monty try and preen Roswell slyly but Roswell backed away thinking that Monty was trying to beak him!

Roswell sometimes hopps about and sings, it’s really something to see because he’s quite big but the dude can still hop wih the best of them!

Sky can be quite In-yer-face with the other budgies and frequesntly takes part in Snowy-chasing, in fact he quite likes to chase any budgies around until they get tired!

He’s the one that has most tried to strike up a friendship with Lilek, he’s very persistent and I am sure it will pay off eventually. Lilek is definitely tolerating his antics more these days.

He is really enjoying the play-rings that Lilek brought with him!

He’s taken to climbing down to the bottom ring and dinging the bell continuously with his little pink feet!

I’ll try and get some pictures on later too 🙂


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