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29/10/2010 / featheredfiends

Play play PLAY!

It is such a hard life being a budgie.  Monty keeps telling me that the amount of playing and eating he is expected to do is difficult at times, how to fit it all in when you only have 24 hours a day.

Perhaps this is why all seven birds have been reluctant to settle down at night, far too much playing to fit in.

Right now they are relaxing with a little bit of Absolute 80’s.  Today they have enjoyed egg-food, vegetables, millet and lots of playing around – especially Roswell and Snowy on the rings hanging from the rack on the wall.

Snowy and Roswell love these rings, they have been hanging on the bottom one ringing the bell with either their feet or beak and then flying off squawking.

Monty has been doing his nut today too – flying in figures of eights round our heads squawking like mad!

Sky persists in trying to make friends with Lilek, I think he’s softening to his advances as he doesn’t chitter at him nearly as much these days.

I had Monty sitting on my thumb eating some red millet earlier and Roswell decided he also wanted a go so he flew onto my shoulder for a brief second.

I got him onto my other hand and then Blue-boy tried to get in on the act but I had ran out of space, so we pegged some millet to the cage for him and he shared it with Sky, Jerry and the greedy piggy Roswell later on.  Turns out that Blue-boy prefers to eat in a goup when humans hands are involved, safety in numbers I suppose!

Would you like some pictures from the day? – tough here they are anyway! 😀



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