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26/12/2010 / featheredfiends

Have yourself a Budgie little christmas

The budgies have really been enjoying themselves this christmas. Some relatives came round on the 23rd and their “uncle” played with Lilek and Sky a lot, mostly Lilek. I think that uncle D enjoyed himself more than the budgies did, he even let Lilek stand on his head, Lilek looked very comfortable up there. Uncle D is lucky that Lilek had had made a dropping just a minute earlier!

Their nan and aunties bought them millet, which they obviously LOVE!

We got them a budgie mirror “disco” ball so that they can listen to their favourite tunes and boogie on the dance floor.

We put some small Xmas decorations up behind the budgie screen so that the birdies couldn’t nibble any of them but the room still had a slightly festive feel to it.

Today the budgies are tired from all their Xmas feasting so I ran them a relaxing Basil bath. After they had finished splashing about in the water with basil in it, I pegged up the basil on to their climbing frame and playground for them to nibble on. Well you have to cleanse your palate don’t you 😀


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