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02/01/2011 / featheredfiends

Welcome to Hector and Custard

More news!

We have two new budgie additions to our flock a normal blue and a small yellow pied which we have decided to name Hector and Custard.

The budgies previous owners (a lovely lady called Maria and her husband!) weren’t able to devote enough time to them as they both work full-time and wanted someone to have them that could cater to their every budgie whim so here they are!

They almost got the names of Chelsea football players as their previous owners husband was a Chelsea fan, so they could have been called Lampard and Terry but they have had a lucky escape 🙂

We happen to have a cage spare that was slightly larger than the one they came in so we have cleaned it and put some new stuff in for them (bell balls, a mirror and a dangly hanging hoopy toy thing with a bell on the end) and of course millet which they both gobbled up while we were not looking. Millet eating seems to be private business for the moment..

Hector and Custard certainly seem very healthy but are currently in isolation from the other birds while they acclimatise to their new surroundings and settle in a bit. They have been calling to the other budgies and squawking at them from afar so we think they are going to fit in very well.

We are informed that Hector likes his swing so we made sure to transfer this to the new cage, also a new wooden swing which custard immediately leapt on and off of.

Here is a picture I took of them earlier, it’s not the best because I didn’t want to frighten them.

By the way we’re not sure of Custard’s sex yet as he/she has a pink cere and is a recessive pied.

Watch this space.. 🙂


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