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13/01/2011 / featheredfiends

Cage invasion!

Custard came out to investigate as Roswell, Monty, Jerry and Snowy came to see the newbies in their abode. We know that Roswell and Jerry probably just wanted to steal some food.

Monty and Snowy however were genuinely curious about the two new arrivals.

Actually I think that is Blue-boy staring into Custards eyes, as Hector was off flying around with Sky – the two seemed to hit it off immediately – Hector calls to Sky to come over and play!

The two new budgies Hector and Custard have a very different calling sound to the previous 7 birds, they actually sound a bit like Magpies and make a sort of chuck chuck sound. They also sing differently, sometimes it can sound like a Spectrum loading up a game by tape or dial up in the early days struggling to connect to the internet.



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  1. onesweetiepea / Jan 13 2011 6:56 PM

    That cage looks very inviting. 🙂 Is Roswell actually asleep in there? It’s like something from the Three Bears…. who’s been sleeping on MY perch?!!!

    • featheredfiends / Jan 13 2011 6:59 PM

      Yes, I think Roswell had sang himself to sleep 🙂


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