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13/01/2011 / featheredfiends

What is that terrifying bird?

The budgies have been freaked out by a pigeon on the balcony.

Seconds earlier they were all singing and squawking away happily. The room fell silent and we wondered what was up – what fresh horror had scared the poor little birds. I looked out of the balcony window to find a pigeon strutting up and down the balcony and stopping to coo every 10 seconds or so.

They were transfixed for about five minutes while the pigeon put on a proud show for them, he then flew to the rooftops opposite and sat back to stare in the window for about 20 minutes.

Was he calling them to come out and play?

At some point I am sure I fill find Roswell cooing, strutting and entertaining the others, either that or a pigeon will fly up to the window – squawk loudly and then hop off.



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  1. this indonesian / Jan 13 2011 1:23 PM

    Mine is actually terrified with seagulls, there are plenty of them here. Since Vic’s been out (flew out and we found him a week later), he’s the most terrified, probably got some trauma or something – poor guy :S

    • featheredfiends / Jan 22 2011 7:34 PM

      Not surprised they are scared of seaguls, they’re huuuuge birds!

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