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02/02/2011 / featheredfiends

Pouting, Preening and messing about

Lots of photos as I managed to find some old batteries in the “spares” pot that actually powered my intensive juice-sucking camera for long enough to take a few shots and upload to my PC.

1/ Oooh Roswell aren’t you big and strong

Custard admires the big Grey fella.

2/ What is this stuff?

Jerry dives in and makes faces at the treats laid on for the fiends.

3/ Monty knew it was time to give up smoking when the munchies had almost run out

I want the worlds biggest bag of crisps man!

4/ Sky is just hanging around

Being nosey!

5/ I am waiting for you

Lilek waits with intent on my husbands chair – hoping for some toast crumbs.

6/ A Moulty Custard

Custard looks a little ragged but still very pretty and fluorescent.

7/ Custard singing

If I sing a song then Roswell might come and pay attention to me.

8/ Preen me Blue-boy

Hector makes his demands clear.


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