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10/03/2011 / featheredfiends

Dumpling gets a head scratch and Hector and Blue-boy play

Lilek really likes having his head scratched, he’ll sidle up to his keys on his little shelf and put his little head down and wait for me to scratch him. Then he’ll make little cute noises as I do so. If I let him he’d have head scratches all day long!

Hector and Blue-boy really cannot get enough of eachother. I guess that they both think that they are the most handsome budgies ever seeing as they look so similar. We can tell them apart though – Blue-boy is slightly paler blue and tends to make himself look like a little teddy-bear whilst Hector is more noisy and confident and brighter blue with a longer tail.

They were such a blur when I tried to photograph them playing yesterday that I barely got a decent shot. Hector likes to bounce up and down and make little noises and sing while Blue-boy tries to get him to feed him.


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