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15/03/2011 / featheredfiends

Lilek gives his opinion on Chives

I, Lilek the budgie also known as “Dumpling” by my owner, declare that Chives are fit for budgie consumption and also quite good to roll in when pegged in a dish and sprayed with water in a satisfactory manner.

I must admit to not liking being called Dumpling or even worse “Dumples” or “Dumpy Wumpy” and if my owner wants to know why I almost bit off her entire finger today then she need look no further.

I also demand more millet and human food – I would like a share of the twisty white things that the humans have for lunch everyday with that red sauce and those tiny brown squares that they eat far too much of, I want to know what they taste like.

I also want to see more colourful socks and be near more feet.

My owner insisted that we upload these photos because she thinks I am cute.


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