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04/04/2011 / featheredfiends

Terrible taste in music and great Budgie Preening

I can’t believe it, they are all whistling away to “you’re the one that I want” that has just started blaring out full blast on the radio (on Heart) I am now going to have to leave it a full 3 minutes before I switch it off because the birds love it.  Travolta, I am coming for you – how dare you put me through this!

Even Monty is in full song, I really though he only liked rock music but it turns out even he can get lost in the moment when with his flock of loonies.

An amazing thing happened today – Lilek actually let Sky preen him.  It might not sound all that fantastic as budgies preen eachother right?

Wrong, when we first got Lilek he used to lower his head and chitter at any other bird that came near him. He’s also fan his tail feathers and make a bite gesture with his beak, terrifying them into backing off and flying away!

Sky has been very persistent in following Lilek around and trying really hard to make friends with him, he’s been rejected so many times it must make Lilek letting him preen him even for a few seconds really worthwhile.  Lilek really enjoyed it too he was turning his head to get all the best bits done!

Hopefully this is a small step in convincing Lilek that he is in fact a budgie and not a human as he believes.

Here is a photo of the moment in question  – it’s not all that good as I didn’t want to disturb them but I think it captures it well.


Are you going anywhere nice for your holidays this year Dumpling?





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  1. onesweetiepea / Apr 4 2011 11:17 PM

    Ah, that’s really sweet. I bet you held your breath when you saw what was happening behind the keys. 🙂

    • featheredfiends / Apr 4 2011 11:24 PM

      Paul noticed it first, it was a weird moment, he’s not the most touchy feely of budgies!

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