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06/04/2011 / featheredfiends

I’m just a girl

What a lovely sunny bright day it is today, and HOT (22 degrees Celcius … in April!) I am so glad (and I am sure that the birds are too) that we made the Window Screen last summer so that we can fully open a window and let the breeze and and allow some air to circulate. We need to make one for the other front room window so that we can have the full experience!

I am sprouting some seeds for the budgies – Alfalfa Sprouts, so that they can have something tasty and nutritious to eat. It’ll take a couple of days but it’s worth it and costs next to nothing!

The husband kindly put the budgie play-ground structure back together for me (well for the budgies really) today so I took advantage of this by pegging Basil to it for them and they enjoyed this a lot. Especially Snowy as he did what he always does, climbs up, nibbles on the stalks and throws the leaves to the floor!

Had to put a huge pink water bottle in Budgingham Palace as the little blue one kept leaking and soaking the newspaper, I am sure that this had absolutely nothing to do with the budgies penchant for climbing all over it and biting it. So far the pink monstrosity hasn’t leaked so fingers and wings crossed that it stays that way.

The birds had a very sleepy afternoon after their Basil Munch but they are now in full evening song – today’s song of choice on Kerrang is “I’m just a girl” by No Doubt!

Monty seems to particularly like the lyric “Oh I’ve had it up to here” 🙂



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