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12/04/2011 / featheredfiends

and a Monty shall sit down with a Dumpling

The budgies were very quiet this morning, usually Sky will wake me at 7.15am on the dot singing and squawking to himself very loudly until I get up and uncover them all. 

No noise at all this morning, I was wondering if the budgies had packed their nap sacks (millet and a piece of carrot each) and left to seek their fortunes.

I walked into the front room to find my husband taking a photo of something in Monty, Snowy, Sky and Dumplings cage, all worried I asked him what he was doing.

Nothing sinister had happened to the budgies thankfully, he had uncovered them to find that Monty was sitting on the shelf where Dumpling roosts next to his keys, quite happily side by side. Usually Dumpling would chase off any other bird that got near his keys as he’s very possessive of them and of his shelf!

Here is the photo he took, and one I zoomed in on so that you can see Monty and Dumpling clearer 🙂


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