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13/04/2011 / featheredfiends

Blue-boy and Hector get comfy new perches

A very kind person on the forum made me some new perches for Blueboy and Hectors cage as they had those horrible plastic ridges ones and none of the other long wooden natural perches that I have fit in their cage – I have two Hagen Visions and one Ferplast-a-like cage and they are a totally different length, width and everything, and some of the bars are veritcal.

I gave the wrong measurements for the perches and so they were too long (oops) so my husband kindly shortened them for me yesterday and we put them in the Blue budgies cage. Blueboy was first to try the perches out and they got his enthusiastic nod of approval.

The great thing about them compared to the rope perch I had temporarily put in as their bedtime roosting place is that they are long enough for Blueboy to run up and down pinging the bars at night-time as he does –
ordering me to cover him and Hector so that they can go to sleep (or whatever little budgies do when they are covered at night, who really knows?)

Here are some photos of Blueboy exploring the cage and also a video of Blueboy and Hector saying good morning to eachother and then flying off!



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