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18/04/2011 / featheredfiends

Musical Day

Earlier on when “Do you love me” (my sister reliably informs me that this song features in Dirty Dancing [or Dirty Dancer as my dad used
to call it] and took this opportunity to try and force me to watch it with Monty – pah) came on the radio Monty suddenly flew over to me enthusiastically and started dancing up and down my arm.

Then Jerry did his rendition of “It’s raining men” with Roswell on backing vocals – whilst asleep!

Right now Blueboy is “Pinging” the bars along to “Mama Mia” by Abba.

My budgies have weird musical tastes.

OUCH – Dumpling just bit my leg, he’s singing to my ankle and biting to try to get my attention. He always tries to get my full attention when I am typing, especially blog posts for some reason. Does he know I am writing my budgie blog and think I have not mentioned him enough?

Anyway the fiends had lots of millet today and made their usual mess, most of which I have swept up ready for them to make some more.

Oh dear, Jerry and Roswell are trying to have “guy-time” (not THAT sort!) and Custard doesn’t like it so she’s flapping at Jerry to make him go away. She’s got her way as usual and has followed Roswell to the seed-pots for some dinner.

Some vids from earlier:


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