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19/04/2011 / featheredfiends

Gimme millet demands Roswell

So I did and he ate it all up. He’s a lot heavier than little King Monty, I had to hold my arm out for 10 minutes while Roswell picked away at it.

Can I get him to step on my hand when there is no delicious treat involved though – the answer is a firm NO!

Oh well he’s still very cute and it’s nice to have him trust me enough to sit on my hand and eat millet 🙂

All the birdies had bath-time and Parsley earlier. I put lots of parsley in some clear glass dishes and most of the budgies had a massive dunk in the water. Dumpling waded through several times and then delighted in soaking us through by flying over us again and again!

After bath-time I rinsed and then clipped the parsley to ladders and a mug tree so that they could chew on it for a while.

I left them out a blue food dish with water and some plastic balls in it in case they fancied anther dip though, it’s a rather warm day today and I don’t want them getting overheated, poor little birdies.


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