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02/05/2011 / featheredfiends

Turn that radio down, I am trying to get some kip!

Last night at about 2am We heard pinging coming from the front room. I got up and rushed to find out what was going on. Blueboy decided to wake us to let us know that we had left the radio on too loud for his liking. I always leave LBC97.3 on quite low for the budgies so that they have a low constant noise and don’t get scared if something loud happens outside.
It was obviously a tad too high for little Blueboy and had disturbed his slumber.
I came in, lifted the cover of his cage to see Hector and himself peering down at me.
The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Are you okay. Is the radio too loud?”
A little run up the perch and “Ping Ping Ping” came the reply.
Me: “I’m sorry, I’ll go and turn it down for you” (went to turn it down)
Me: “Is that better?”
Blueboy “Ping Ping Ping”
Me: “Good, go to sleep now, bedtime for budgies”
Blueboy: “Ping Ping Ping”

Then I didn’t hear anymore pings til 7.30am after my alarm went off.



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  1. yourparadise / May 3 2011 6:09 PM

    Aw haha, so cute! 😀

    • Marianne Marlow / May 3 2011 6:16 PM

      Thank you, it was very cute, he likes to let us know how he feels does Blueboy!

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